SingleStore – the one ring to rule them all?

Dirk BrysBig Data, IIoT

In a previous blog (The NoSQL landscape) we discussed multiple NoSQL databases and technologies. We strongly believe in a mixture of database technologies to support various use cases… As Vogels said: “A one size fits all database doesn’t fit anyone” … Read More

Welcome to the sAInce IIoT Verse

Dirk BrysIIoT

It’s been a while that we posted a blog and for a very good reason. We were making a new baby, the sAInce IIoT Verse! After 1,5 year of continuous design and development and thorough testing we finally delivered the … Read More

OTA management

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

If you have 1 device or 10 devices, managing these updates still is a pretty easy straight forward job. But imagine you need to do this for 4000 devices or more. Indeed, that’s right: how do we manage this? That’s … Read More

OTA security

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

While a connected IIoT devices OTA feature introduces many advantages, ranging from bug fixes to introducing new functionality, it also poses security concerns. Nobody wants to receive an update from another device, let alone a malicious update. So it is … Read More

OTA & design for failure

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

IIoT & intelligent OTA firmware updates: design for failure

As Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Vice President and CTO, Werner Vogels, famously said, “Everything fails all the time”. Let’s face it, he’s right. No matter how hard you try to make your firmware update process fault-tolerant, failure is not a … Read More

OTA update modes

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

IIoT & intelligent OTA firmware updates: update modes

As for selecting the right OTA architecture, the one size fits all OTA update mode doesn’t fit anybody. Or does it? It all depends. We’re talking about IIoT, so the answer would be “it does”. For IoT devices in general, … Read More