SingleStore – the one ring to rule them all?

Dirk BrysBig Data, IIoT

In a previous blog (The NoSQL landscape) we discussed multiple NoSQL databases and technologies. We strongly believe in a mixture of database technologies to support various use cases… As Vogels said: “A one size fits all database doesn’t fit anyone” … Read More

Amazon DynamoDB

Dirk BrysBig Data

DynamoDB is a NoSQL database provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides extremely high performance with requests in trillions per day and peaks in the millions per second. It supports virtually any size with horizontal scaling. DynamoDB is cloud-native … Read More

How to choose a database

Dirk BrysBig Data

What criteria influence our decisions to select one or more databases to support a particular use case? Not every use case requires the same approach. In this blog we give an overview of some of the criteria that should be … Read More

The NoSQL landscape

Dirk BrysBig Data

Gone are the days that we stored our data only in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). RDBMS have been on the forefront of every Operational and Business Intelligence system in the past. Not anymore. Nowadays we have to deal with … Read More