Data Lakes – Apache Spark in detail

Dirk BrysBig Data

We already discussed the Spark Ecosystem. In this blog we’ll delve a bit deeper into the main reasons why you would use Spark. In short, for its distributed processing engine through Spark Clusters and it’s Query Optimization engine. Spark Clustering … Read More

OTA management

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

If you have 1 device or 10 devices, managing these updates still is a pretty easy straight forward job. But imagine you need to do this for 4000 devices or more. Indeed, that’s right: how do we manage this? That’s … Read More

OTA security

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

While a connected IIoT devices OTA feature introduces many advantages, ranging from bug fixes to introducing new functionality, it also poses security concerns. Nobody wants to receive an update from another device, let alone a malicious update. So it is … Read More

Neural Networks – Crash course

Dirk BrysMachine Learning

Today’s world cannot be envisioned anymore without the appliance of neural networks in our day-to-day life. Think about hand writing recognition, image recognition, voice recognition, recommendation engines etc. When we use our smartphones, our image gallery is automatically categorized and … Read More

OTA & design for failure

Geert Van HeckeIIoT

IIoT & intelligent OTA firmware updates: design for failure

As Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Vice President and CTO, Werner Vogels, famously said, “Everything fails all the time”. Let’s face it, he’s right. No matter how hard you try to make your firmware update process fault-tolerant, failure is not a … Read More